Satne joins department as Senior Lecturer

Philosophy at UOW is pleased to announce that Glenda Satne, previously a Vice-Chancellor Postdoctoral Fellow at our department, has now joined us as a continuing Senior Lecturer per February 9.

Satne specialises in Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Action. She has done extensive work on normativity and intersubjectivity, working under the supervision of Robert Brandom at the University of Pittsburgh and Dan Zahavi, at the Centre for Subjectivity Research at the University of Copenhagen. In recent work, she focused on the emergence of human specific forms of cognition and advanced the hypothesis that social and collective forms of intentionality play a crucial role in the phylogenesis and ontogenesis of those capacities. She develops these ideas within the framework on Radical Enactivism that conceives of representational cognitive capacities as linguistically dependent and coming in late for humans both in development and evolution.