Naturally Evolving Minds Conference Videos

We have videos online for some of the lectures of the Naturally Evolving Minds: Controversies, Developments, Interventions conference, organized by philosophers at the University of Wollongong last February.

Some of the lectures were filmed and can be viewed here:

Ruth Millikan (University of Connecticut)

Representations Made Simple

Paul E. Griffiths (University of Sydney)

What Distinctions Can Natural Selection Draw?

Daniel D. Hutto (University of Wollongong)

Beyond Content: Explanations, Motivations and Implications

Kourken Michaelian (University of Otago)

Radical Enactivism and (Post)Causal Theories of Memory

Marya Schechtman (University of Illinois at Chicago)

The Way We Were: Episodic Memory and Personal Identity

Kim Sterelny (Australian National University)

Norms: Cooperation, Scale and Complexity