PANEL: Memories and Reflections on the Soviet Century: On the Rise, Decline and Rebirth of the Communist Idea



Date: Wednesday 8 November 2017

Time: 4:30 -6:00pm

Venue: 67.202 Moot Court

In October 1917, Russia rattled the course of history. The Bolshevik assault on power had two consequences: first, leaving behind the tyranny of the tsars; second, inaugurating the dictatorship of the Soviets. The echoes of the Bolshevik revolution resonated beyond Russia, and its hope and courage –but also its rigor and fury – were immediately felt across the world.

This panel will delve into the history of the Bolshevik revolution and its relation to what Alain Badiou calls “the communist idea”, that is, the conception of a society in which the principle of equality is the prevailing political truth and, as such, stirs a collective organization that aims at eliminating both the subordination of labor and the inequality of wealth. From our conception of politics to the structure of gender, from Latin America to Australia, the panel will discuss the forms in which the October revolution and the communist idea that inspired it have agitated with hope and fear — in the past and still today, one hundred years later – both in the minds of individuals and the history of peoples.

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