EVENT: Advancement of Women in Law Firms: Current Best Practice and Future Directions

Presented by Professor Nan Seuffert and Dr Trish Mundy

 Date:         16 August 2017

Time:         1:30 – 2:30 pm

Location:   Building 67, Room 202 (Moot Court), University of Wollongong

This seminar discusses our forthcoming article in the International Journal of the Legal Profession and the findings of a collaborative pilot research project in partnership with the Women Lawyers’ Association of New South Wales (WLANSW). The article argues that a focus on synergies between the competencies and diversities movements, provide the greatest potential for reshaping law firm practice and partnership models to respond to issues of advancement, attrition and lack of re-engagement of women in large law firms. The pilot project investigates current best practices for diversity and inclusion in large Australian law firms, drawing on data produced by the WLANSW to identify the leading firms, and interviews conducted at those firms as part of the pilot project.

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