LIRC in Mexico

Great food, provocative art and captivating conversations about law and society came together recently in vibrant and fascinating Mexico City.

Between 20 – 23 June some of LIRC’s members attended the Law & Society Association’s annual conference Walls, Borders, and Bridges: Law and Society in an Inter-Connected World, which was held in Mexico City. LIRC hosted a round table titled Justice and the Art of the Wall: The Politics of Mexican Muralism, which was presented by Luis Gomez Romero (LIRC/UOW), Madeleine Kelly (UOW) and Desmond Manderson (ANU). Mural painting has been central to the visual representation of both Mexican modernity and the restructuring of Mexican society from the 1920s onwards. The first great masters of the mural movement – “los tres grandes” Siqueiros, Orozco and Rivera – created art that was meant to be seen by everyone in public places. The mural thus appeared as a form of public art aimed at structuring and criticising ideological discourses in the process of Mexican institutional consolidation after a devastating revolutionary war (1910-1920).

The round table delved into the nexus between discourses around and about justice and the mural art form – as developed in the building of the Mexican Supreme Court-, both in Mexico and beyond Mexican borders. The round table discussed how the meanings of the murals in the Supreme Court both shape and are shaped by the utopian promise of justice and the Janus-faced realities of crisis and judgement.

LIRC members Professor Nan Seuffert (Director) and Dr Niamh Kinchin presented as part of a panel on Narratives of Mobility and Protection. Professor Sueffert presented a paper titled Queering International Law at its Inception: Excavating Narratives of Hospitality and Sodomy in the Right to Travel and Dr Kinchin presented a paper on Administrative Justice and ‘the Right to be Heard’ in UNHCR Refugee Status Determination. LIRC member and HDR candidate Rajendra Ghimire presented a paper titled Improving Access to Justice: An Analytical Study of Traditional Justice (a Case Study of Nepal). LIRC Visiting Professorial Fellow Professor Elena Marchetti (Griffith University) presented a paper on Building Bridges between Australian Indigenous Partner Violence Offenders and their Victims by Using Culture in Sentencing Court Hearings. Thank you to the Law and Society Association for a fantastic conference.

LIRC is pleased to announce that it will host the 2018 Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ) Conference at the University of Wollongong in December 2018. The conference will be co-hosted by SLSA (UK) and CLSA (Canada).  More information to come!


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