Pilot Research Project on Women in Law Firms

Women in Law Firms: Policies and Practices, Reporting, Reform and International Best Practice

Professor Nan Seuffert, Director of the Legal Intersections Research Centre (LIRC) and Dr Trish Mundy, Senior Lecturer in the School of Law and LIRC member, have recently joined with the Women Lawyers Association of NSW to carry out a pilot research project to investigate best practices for remodelling law firm practice, management, promotion criteria and partnership models to advance women in the legal profession.

It has long been identified that female lawyers are significantly under-represented in senior positions within the legal profession, including as salaried and equity partners in private law firms. This is endemic not only in Australia, but throughout the common law jurisdictions. This pilot project will investigate current best practices in four Australian law firms and is intended to provide the basis for a larger project in 2017.

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