Life…Oh Life!

“I don’t want to see a ghost,
It’s the sight that I fear most
I’d rather have a piece of toast
And watch the evening news…”

- Life, Des’ree

Okay, so it was voted in the BBC poll that the above were the worst pop lyrics ever. But… graduation is around the corner!

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“Were You Spotted?”

Photo courtesy of: Adena , UOW Photography Club

Incoming message from the “Bugs and Insects Society”:

Hello. I am Air Marshal Beatel de Bougar from BPPD i.e. “Bugs Privacy Protection Division”.

It has been brought to our law enforcement department’s attention that two of our respectable community members have been recently photographed without prior knowledge, unattired, while sharing a totally legal, private copulatory moment within the premises of a property of theirs in the Botanic Garden.

We are absolutely enraged by this shameless act and send this message as a solid warning to those unscrupulous deviant snappers who dare sneak into our privacy.

We express our deepest concern that this leakage will besmear the reputation of our citizens in a way that is neither recoverable nor amendable hence jeopardizing the sustainability of their marital bond, and the future of their conceived child.

Therefore, we require that the photo be removed instantly, the president of the Photography Club tender his resignation and get grounded until eternity and beyond, and the criminal who has caused this havoc be handed over to us for capital punishment as our court of justice sees fit until repentance for his sins ensues.

With unfailing love and inviolable resolution,
Marshal Beatel de Bougar.

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Yes we can(not)!

My newsfeed was flooded with posts about Liberal v. Labour, KRudd v. Tone Abb0tt. And now it’s back to instagrams of food and people having an “amazing day :)  :)”

Welp, the uni elections are coming up.

Last time I saw someone write their name in chalk all over the ground near the library. I see people littering pamphlets on the bulletin boards and on random desks.

Last time I checked, this isn’t high school.

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The unpaid internship/graduate application process.. in gifs

Have you applied for internships? Work experience? Finished uni and now trying to find a real job that doesn’t involve stupid coffee orders and hair nets?

If you’re lucky, you can walk straight into a job with no dramas. If you’re me, you’re going to go through something along these lines:

First – The Unrealistic Optimism









Then there’s the mind-numbing study







And you’ve probably got an unrealistic expectation of your skills






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Interview: Cloud Control

The Blue Mountains kids behind Cloud Control have been busy since their debut album Bliss Release in 2010. After much hype, splendour appearances and whirlwind tours, Cloud Control seemed to disappear.

What happened to them since then? It’s a question bassist Jeremy Kelshaw is asked a lot.

‘A lot of people come up and say “you disappeared”, “what have you been doing,” and “we haven’t heard much from you,’” Kelshaw said.  “But from our perspective it was like, working our asses off is what we’ve been doing,” he laughed.

“We got picked up by a UK and US record label, so we ended up just releasing the album twice I guess. Everything had finished up for the album here in Australia by the time that got through. So that’s why it was a while there. We played heaps of European shows and some other shows.”

“And then we took off last year to get our heads together, and get out a record. We wrote it in about nine months last year. I don’t feel like we’ve gone too slowly. In between US and other tours it took almost two years.”

Jeremy is talking of course, about their new record, Dream Cave. Odds are, you’ve probably heard this song floating around.

Kelshaw dismisses the idea that their second album was under more pressure. ‘I think everything you do is make or break, do you know what I mean?,’ he said.

‘Every song you make, every song you release, every live show, everything … There really are no second chances.”

“You’re constantly trying to make sure that we did what we could have done. How was it making the album? Really exhilarating and really full on at the same time. I don’t think there’s any difference making the first record. We just want so much to get it right for the first record as well.”

Their second album, Dream Cave was recorded partly in caves.

“We did a bunch of vocals and we did a bunch of what’s called ‘re-amping’, we got a drum part or a keyboard part, or a guitar part that was already recorded in a studio and then trying that out in the cave and just recorded it like that,” Jeremy said.  ”So it just sounds like you’re playing in a cave – which you really are.’

“So that came through all over the record as well as a bunch of straight up vocals we recorded part of in a cave.”

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UOW’s Green Art Expo

UOW Enviro Collective. Photo courtesy of Mostafa from the UOW Photography Club

As much as I’d love to admit to a level of sophistication that understands certain types conceptual art… I can’t.

Some artistic works are just plain pretty. I get those. Others elicit an emotive response which- intentional or otherwise- absorb me completely. Then there are those- the blobs, dots and blank canvass types- which turn my brain to a mushy state not dissimilar to the oft haphazard artwork being exhibited.

I blame high school English for attempted superfluous musings about the meaning of the colour blue, which may or may not have been intended (heck, it’s a pretty colour- run with it artists) and, all told, leave me with a headache.

Which is why I was surprised by how much I thoroughly enjoyed the Green Art Exhibition.

For a start, they had free cider. Continue reading