Governments Challenged to ‘Go Back to Basics’ on Infrastructure Planning

SMART has prepared a Green Paper entitled “Infrastructure Imperatives for Australia”. The paper sets out aims a way forward for planning, provision and investment in the future infrastructure needs of Australia and addresses a number of key principles that successive governments have overlooked.

This Green Paper and the associated recommendations endeavour to capture the challenges and opportunities identified to ensure a better infrastructure future for our country. Continue reading

Big issues for energy infrastructure

By Les Hosking, Honorary Professorial Fellow

Reliable, secure and low cost energy has been one of the cornerstones of Australia’s economic success. In an electricity and gas context, reliability means a low interruption risk, security means continuity of availability relative to demand and sustainability means meeting present needs without compromising future generations to meet their needs.

A significant, diverse supply of approximately 800 years of brown coal and 300 years of black coal, large natural and coal seam gas resources plus wind, hydro, solar and geothermal have so far contributed to Australia having very low cost commercial, industrial and residential electricity and gas prices. Continue reading