The Maths MOOC: is it for me?


Lots of people find maths hard. Others find it stressful – and hard. Yet lots of people need to have a basic grasp of maths concepts to be able to pursue the career they want.

So at some point, they reluctantly go back and re-learn the maths they forgot (or only partially grasped) back at school. If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. This Maths MOOC is a free, online course designed to run over 4 weeks, but currently open for individual self-paced learning.

We’ve worked really hard to make it as painless as possible. The mini-lectures are all nice little video clips. You can watch them as many times as you need. And there are some self-tests you can do to see if you get it. And nobody will know if you got it right, except you. Having said that, you may prefer to sign up with a buddy, and learn together. If you like to chat, we have a facebook page where you can discuss the MOOC in particular, or maths in general. It’s linked from the Assignment pages.

And to begin, let’s spend a few minutes with some crazy people who find maths fun. When people say: maths, shmaths – who needs it? I like to show them this 45 second clip. Now – the question is, what kind of maths could help you work out where to place the swimming pool? Feel free to use the comments facility to tell us what you think. (Note: Click on the small pale grey speech bubble icon at the top right of this post to make a comment. The number tells you how many comments have been made.)