Introducing Two New Blogging@UOW Support Staff

Since you’re probably starting to see posts from an unknown ‘higgins’, and receive emails signed off ‘Bradley Peterson’, we thought we should introduce ourselves.

As another massive year for Blogging@UOW draws to a close, Sarah Lambert has brought Brad and myself (Chloe) on board to help clear some of the work backlog. ‘Blogging Support’ is our shared title, I believe.

Bradley and I first learned about Blogging@UOW when we signed up to blog for StudentLife. You can read our posts here:

We’re here over the summer to help Sarah review the University’s network of almost 100 active blogs, create some marketing videos, and make sure all the widgets are working and categorisation is happening.

In case you’re still going ‘huh, so who are you exactly?’ here’s a little background info:

Bradley is entering his fourth year of a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of International Studies at UOW. He has taken part in information days with the Law Faculty, and volunteered for In2Uni and the Denny Foundation. He has also been on exchange.

I (Chloe) am entering my third year of a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) degree at UOW. I’ve had a few different roles around campus including being a PASS Leader for ELL152 (Effective Written Communication) and a Global Communicator Program Facilitator. I’m passionate about all things to do with communication (especially the written form) and people.

Now that you know who we are, we would love to know a little more about you and your blog. So if there’s something we can do to help improve your blog, or you just want to have a chat about it all, get in touch via

Happy blogging!


Google analytics enabled

Today we have enabled the Google Analytics tool across the blogging platform. We are trialling this as a way to gather extra data about who accesses our blogs, which we hope will be useful for blog owners in understanding their readership. The tool enables “live” views of who is looking at our blogs, which requires monitoring. However we are trialling what kind of periodic, summary data we can gather for you.

Akismet comments spam filtering enabled

Just a quick note to say that today we have enabled a system-wide spam filter called Akismet. We hope that this helps keep junk out of your blog comments area. If you have any problems with spam/automated comments eg coming from people who want to sell you their products via links to their websites, please email us at

Showcase: our new UOW blogs

I’m pleased to introduce you to our newest public blog, Conversations with AUSCCER, from the team at the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research. The group are showcasing their research interests and outputs via the UOW blog, which has integrated social-media links for viewers to help spread the word and build a larger audience for their work. Says Chris Gibson, “I posted late last week and within a couple of hours, the post had had 50+  visitors and had become ‘most popular post’…It got facebook liked 25 times and 10+ tweets. All good and very encouraging.”

Another new public blog is one setup to help us farewell our long-serving DVC(A) – to capture your memories, stories and comments on Rob’s Legacy of Learning at UOW. Everyone is welcome to use the comments feature to leave their farewell message for Rob. Continue reading

Looking for Some blogs to read? Try these….

BiologyHub – Open access blog network of courses focused on the population biology of bacteria and viruses

Sydney Uni Parralax – Parallax records the experiences of final year students of the B.A.(Media & Communications) degree who have won competitive overseas internships to work in Asian media organisations.

VC Macquarie – Blog of Professor Steven Schwartz, Vice-Chancellor of Macquarie University (Sydney).

Cornell wine & research – Cornell University, news and events from the Viticulture and Enology Major