Active materials: minimal models of cognition?

New paper by Patrick McGivern: “Active materials: minimal models of cognition?” This is the final advance publication from the upcoming special issue of Adaptive Behavior, Approaching Minimal Cognition, edited by Nick Brancazio, Miguel Segundo-Ortin, and Patrick McGivern.

Abstract: Work on minimal cognition raises a variety of questions concerning the boundaries of cognition. Many discussions of minimal cognition assume that the domain of minimal cognition is a subset of the domain of the living. In this article, I consider whether non-living ‘active materials’ ought to be included as instances of minimal cognition. I argue that seeing such cases as ‘minimal models’ of (minimal) cognition requires recognising them as members of a class of systems sharing the same basic features and exhibiting the same general patterns of behaviour. Minimal cognition in this sense is a very inclusive concept: rather than specifying some threshold level of cognition or a type of cognition found only in very simple systems, it is a concept of cognition associated with very minimal criteria that pick out only the most essential requirements for a system to exhibit cognitive behaviour.

Link to full paper:

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