LSAANZ Conference Postgraduate Scholarships – Call for Nominations

The University of Wollongong Legal Intersections Research Centre is excited to co-host the 2018 Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ) Conference at the University of Wollongong on the 12th-15th December 2018.

Inclusion, Exclusion and Democracy

There is an exciting range of speakers lined up for the conference:

  • Professor Leti Volpp, Center for Race and Gender, Berkeley Law, University of California
  • Professor Renisa Mawani, Department of Sociology, University of British Columbia
  • Professor Anne Griffiths, Anthropology of Law, University of Edinburgh

The conference is kicked off with a LSAANZ Postgraduate Day on Wednesday 12 Dec in which leading law and society scholars have over the years presented workshops on methodology, theory, publishing, career pathways, etc., including some of the keynote speakers and prominent Law and Society scholars.

LSAANZ is also offering Higher Degree Research students the opportunity to apply for a small conference scholarship to assist with costs associated with attending this years’ LSAANZ Conference.

To qualify for the LSAANZ PGR conference scholarship, a Higher Degree Research student must present a paper at the conference, as well as attend the LSAANZ Postgraduate Workshop on 12th December 2018 and the three days of the conference from 13-15 December 2018. Applicants will only be accepted from Higher Degree Research students who do not have access to funding from the university they are enrolled at and/or the faculty they are a faculty member of. An abstract, travel costings, and a letter of support from the student’s primary supervisor (noting how presentation of a paper at LSAANZ relates to their scholarship and also noting that the student has no access to funds) must be submitted as part of the scholarship application.

Successful recipients will still be required to pay the conference registration fee.

A maximum of up to three scholarships will be awarded for reimbursement of travel costs (up to $400 (AUD) will be awarded to Australian Higher Degree Research students and up to $850 (AUD) will be awarded to New Zealand Higher Degree Research students. Scholarship recipients must attend the conference and present a paper to receive reimbursement of travel costs and withdrawal or non-attendance will automatically forfeit entitlement to the scholarship.

Higher Degree Research students from Arts and Social Sciences are particularly encouraged to apply.

Please respond to the Call for Papers by 6 July 2018

Please submit a scholarship application by 16 July 2018 to

Any queries about the scholarship should be directed to: President, Law and Society Association Australia and New Zealand.

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