Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ) Annual Publication Awards 2018

The Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ) will award three publication prizes each year. The prizes will be awarded for the most outstanding contribution to the field of law and society by an Australian or New Zealand scholar (whether by residence or birth) or whose work has a focus on these jurisdictions across three categories:

  1. For a published scholarly book/monograph
  2. For a published scholarly article or book chapter
  3.  To an early career researcher (ECR) for work nominated for consideration under (1) or (2) above.1

The work must be in the broad field of socio-legal scholarship. As a guide, this does not include works that are purely doctrinal. In assessing this criterion, the following indicative points may be taken into account:

  • Does it address the intersection of law and society?
  • Does it engage with socio-legal literature?
  • Does it focus upon both law and society

The publication must have been published in the 12 months preceding 30 June 2018. Note that if a person nominates a work that has been published online before 30 June 2018 (and the print publication occurs after 30 June), then that work is ineligible for submission in the following year as a print publication (i.e. you cannot submit the same work for consideration in different years).

The closing date for receipt of the nomination for all three prizes is 15 July 2018.

An ECR is a person who is currently enrolled in a PhD or has had their PhD conferred in the five years before the submission date for the prize (30  June 2018). An ECR may nominate their work for the dedicated book or article prize as well as being considered for the ECR prize. Where a work by multiple authors is nominated for the ECR award, the first named author should be the ECR and the subsequent authors not be senior scholars.

Edited collections are not eligible for the scholarly book/ monograph prize. Authors are however able to subject individual chapters for consideration under the scholarly article or chapter prize category.

A person is only able to submit one sole-authored work per award. It is however possible to submit more than one work where a person is a joint author (up to a total of two works – i.e. one sole-authored and one co-authored; or two co-authored works).

A person may nominate themselves for an award. If a person is nominated by someone else then it must be indicated that the person has consented to that nomination.

The book prize winner is expected to participate in an ‘author meets reader’ session on the published work at the annual LSAANZ conference held in November/December each year.

Each award recipient will receive a certificate and amount of $AUD200. The awards will be announced at the LSAANZ annual conference and publicised on the LSAANZ website. Award recipients will be informed of their award prior to the conference to enable attendance.

Please see for nomination form.

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