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In my previous blogs, I have outlined the prevalence and two of the leading causes of youth homelessness. Based on the evidence that has been provided it is clear that youth homelessness is a critical social justice issue that we as a society must work to improve. The question that poses however is how?

There are a number of organisations that continue to work towards reducing the rates of youth homelessness and creating a greater awareness surrounding the impacts. Below I will present and highlight some of theses organisations and their projects that work towards reducing the rates of youth homelessness

Youth Development Australia

Youth Development Australia was created in 2005 and works towards improving the lives of disadvantaged young people by constructing policy and the programs around said policies. They do so by providing voice and advocating on behalf of those who may not have the funds or backing to do so.

National Youth Coalition for Housing

The National Youth Coalition for Housing were formed to as a means to end youth homelessness and create youth housing solutions (NYCH 2017). One of the major campaigns that takes place is Youth Homelessness matters day. This day currently takes place on the 5th of April and has three main aims:
Ensure that young people have greater access to support and services
Break Stereotypes
Engage with Government and Business

By promoting youth homelessness matters day, the NYCH are making youth homelessness a national issue and are inviting everyone to participate in reducing the rates of homeless youth around Australia.

Salvation Army

The salvation army is another organisation that works tirelessly to end youth homelessness. They do so by providing shelters and homes as well as running a number of outreach programs in communities across Australia. Not only do they provide shelter and assistance but the salvation army has also worked with the NYC in creating a documentary, The Oasis (2008), that highlights the impacts and issued faced by homeless youth, from the perspective of those who know these issues first hand. This documentary is incredibly real and works towards educating and creating awareness about real life issues, which many of us often turn a blind eye to.

You can watch the documentary online for free at this website:

These are just some of the organisations who continue to work towards ending the social justice issue that is youth homelessness. While they each have unique and individual practices, one is able to see the crossover of each project and recognise the unified front that is far reaching as they spread their work with audiences of all areas and backgrounds.

What can we do?

While the rates of youth homelessness continues to improve, there still remains a lot to do if we are to end youth homelessness for good. The NYCH have put together a video that provides some information about how individuals may help;

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