Global Challenges: Transforming the way we do research

At UOW we’re transforming the way we do research.

Dr Leah Gibbs

Dr Leah Gibbs, Chief Investigator on Global Challenges project “Sharks: Threatened and threatening?”

The Global Challenges Program is a strategic research initiative that is focused on transformative interdisciplinary research.

To contribute to a national discussion on challenge-led research, the Program leaders have written a whitepaper on Challenge-Led Interdisciplinary Research Programs.

In this whitepaper we offer a reflection on our experience and the successes and challenges since the inception of Global Challenges two year’s ago.

There are multitudes of ways to orchestrate interdisciplinary research. What is essential however, is the desire to find a new approach that successfully aligns with a shared commitment to research excellence and passion to transform lives and regions.

This approach broadens the application of disciplinary expertise, stretching beyond disciplinary comfort zones towards a shared challenge. In this sometimes uncomfortable, but novel space, lie possibility and opportunity.

Find out more about how we bring researchers together, fund and grow interdisciplinary projects and witness innovation unfold.

We invite you to learn more about the Global Challenges Program, or by contacting the Global Challenges team.  Or let us know your thoughts below.

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