// 2016

25 MAY‘Go cry over somebody else’s tragedy’: the 1491s, Humor, Resistance, and Resilience
Presented by Professor Jeff Berglund

25 MAY | Public Lecture
Presented by Dr Tony Birch.


// 2015

13 SEPT | Concepts of Indigenous Holism, Logic and Evidence?
Presented by A/Prof Blaze Kwaymullina, who was also guest speaker at FIRE’s 2012 launch

4 FEB | Aboriginal Autonomy: Paving the Way for Self-determination
Presented by A/Prof Ted Wilkes and Prof Dennis Gray

// 2014

17 SEPT‘It’s Cold Pressing Your Nose Against the Screen’ Kanohi kit e kanohi (face to face) – a thing of the past?
Presented by Dr Acushla Dee O’Carroll

18 JULY | Fear and Assuagement: Representations and Engagements of First Peoples in National Museum Spaces
Presented by Sandy O’Sullivan

19 JUNE | Contesting the Juridical Silencing of Indigenous Women: Beatrice Culleton Mosionier’s In Search of April Raintree
Presented by Cheryl Suzack

14 MAY | Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist
Presented by Celeste Liddle

8 APRIL | Walking the Talk
Presented by Richard Bell

21 MARCH | Picturing Indigenous Canada.
Presented by Associate Professor David Garneau

// 2013

26 AUGUST | Aboriginal Astronomy
Presented by Munya Andrews, Author of The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades and educated in Australia and the USA with degrees in anthropology and law

29 JULY | Career Research and Research Training (PhDs, Masters, Honours) for Indigenous Researchers
Presented by Dr Sandy O’Sullivan, Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education

12 JULY | Fight for Liberty and Freedom – The Origins of Australian Aboriginal Political Activism
Presented by Professor John Maynard, University of Newcastle

12 MARCH | Were Aboriginal Australians the First Astronomers?
Presented by Professor Ray Norris