Webification Project – Spreading the Word

My focus for my webification project these past 2 weeks has been to spread the word about my blog.

I noticed that at the end of each blog post there are the options to share the post via StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit. I have since signed up for each of these sites, and will now share each blog post using these sites. I think it is too early to see how using these sites has affected views, however it has been an interesting learning experience to see how these sites operate.

An update on my stats (from September 6th, to September 20th):

  • Tweets:  was 107, now 133
  • Followers: was 7, still 7 (damn!)
  • Re-Tweets/Responses: was 6, now 8
  • Blog Posts: was 5, now 7
  • Total Blog views: was 90, now 126

I still have so much work to do!  I need to get those followers up!