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OULDI Activity (pedagogy) WIDGIT

from Cloudworks: http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloud/view/3420

The  OULDI and Course Business Models projects at the Open University have built an experimental model for mapping learning activities across a range of or sequence of learning events.

The model is the result of a learning activity taxonomy (Conole, 2007; Conole 2008) that characterises learner tasks into six types:

Pedagogy profile

  • Assimilative (attending to and understanding content),
  • Information handling (e.g. gathering and classifying resources or manipulating data),
  • Adaptive (use of modelling or simulation software),
  • Communicative (dialogic activities, e.g. pair dialogues or group-based discussions),
  • Productive (construction of an artefact such as a written essay, new chemical compound or a sculpture) and
  • Experiential (practising skills in a particular context or undertaking an investigation). 
  • In addition the tool looks at the spread of assessment acros the course or sequence of learning activiites.

Access the activity widgit here and use the tool to visually map the pedagogy profile of an activity, unit, module or course. The tool provides information about the spread of activities in terms of time and weighting.

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