ALTC AMS Professional Development Project

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ALTC AMS Professional Development Project
<strong><span style="color: #800000;">The ALTC Professional Development Unit</span> </strong>aims to provide "national discipline specific" professional development for university lecturers and tutors teaching in the mathematical sciences. The project was developed in conjunction with the Australian Mathematical Society (AMS), and in consultation with a reference group representing the Statistical Society of Australia, Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, Australian Science Deans Council, the Australian Business Deans Council and Engineers Australia. The 12 online Modules include "practical, discipline-specific and best-practice strategies for teaching and assessment so as to enhance student engagement and learning in mathematics". <a href="">Project website</a> <a href="">Professional Development Unit Modules</a> Each Module is presented online as a self-contained unit, including Module outcomes, content, embedded activities, links, tasks, readings, links and resource lists. <h4><span style="color: #800000;">Direct links to the Teaching Modules:</span></h4> <a title="Module 1" href="">Module 1. Introduction to teaching mathematics</a> <a href="">Module 2. Models of mathematics learning</a> <a title="Module 3" href="">Module 3. Planning and designing lessons</a> <a href="">Module 4. Conducting lessons</a> <a title="Module 5" href="">Module 5. Teaching in service units</a> <a title="Module 6" href="">Module 6. Assessing students in classes</a> <a href="">Module 7. Collecting evidence about teaching</a> <h4><span style="color: #800000;">Direct link to the Coordinating Modules:</span></h4> <a title="Coordinating Units: Modules 8-12" href="">Coordinating units: Modules 8-12</a> <em>All links from</em>

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