OULDI activity/pedagogy profile on cloudworks

OULDI Activity (pedagogy) WIDGIT

from Cloudworks: http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloud/view/3420

The  OULDI and Course Business Models projects at the Open University have built an experimental model for mapping learning activities across a range of or sequence of learning events.

The model is the result of a learning activity taxonomy (Conole, 2007; Conole 2008) that characterises learner tasks into six types:

Pedagogy profile

  • Assimilative (attending to and understanding content),
  • Information handling (e.g. gathering and classifying resources or manipulating data),
  • Adaptive (use of modelling or simulation software),
  • Communicative (dialogic activities, e.g. pair dialogues or group-based discussions),
  • Productive (construction of an artefact such as a written essay, new chemical compound or a sculpture) and
  • Experiential (practising skills in a particular context or undertaking an investigation). 
  • In addition the tool looks at the spread of assessment acros the course or sequence of learning activiites.

Access the activity widgit here and use the tool to visually map the pedagogy profile of an activity, unit, module or course. The tool provides information about the spread of activities in terms of time and weighting.

I have enrolled in

the Coursera ‘Fundamentals of Online Learning‘ MOOC, which promises an opportunity to apply theory and practice in a’ real-world’ online project

  • Commencing Jan 28th, for 6 weeks with a workload of 5-7 hours
  • An emphasis on planning and development of an online course
  • Website explains that I will investigate ” online learning pedagogy, online course design, privacy and copyright issues, online assessments, managing an online class, web tools and Learning Management Systems.”
  • I will apply this learning to the development of the ULT online learning environment

OLDS MOOC: learning design for a 21st century curriculum

I have enrolled in the

OLDS (Open Learning Design Studio) MOOC Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum‘. It is a project based,  JISC funded course and builds on the success of the Open University Learning Design Initiative (OULDI) and other JISC funded curriculum design and delivery projects.

  • Running from Jan 10th – 13th March, for 9 weeks with a workload of 3-10 hours
  • Described on the website as “a semi-structured, highly interactive, constructive and collaborative learning experience. This means that we set the scene – but you determine the plot”
  • My plan is to redevelop ULT as my 9 week project

UniSA: Planning for Success Handbook

Planning for Success: Teaching active learning classes at IniSA

This wiki/PDF booklet is a useful resource for UniSA teaching staff. The booklet/wiki includes:

  • Definitions of effective teaching in higher education
  • Strategies to plan, conduct and evaluate active learning classes
  • Advice for teachers supporting learning through feedback, group work, online learning
  • An outline of assessment, marking, moderation and academic integrity at UniSA


Web link to the PDF

UTAS Teaching and Learning website

The UTAS Teaching and learning website supports quality teaching and learning and includes information, policies, links resources and services to support, improve and reward effective teaching and learning.

UTAS Teaching and Learning portal homepage

Here are direct links to the topics

The site also has some other interesting links worth a browse:

ALTC AMS Professional Development Project

The ALTC Professional Development Unit aims to provide “national discipline specific” professional development for university lecturers and tutors teaching in the mathematical sciences. The project was developed in conjunction with the Australian Mathematical Society (AMS), and in consultation with a reference group representing the Statistical Society of Australia, Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, Australian Science Deans Council, the Australian Business Deans Council and Engineers Australia.

The 12 online Modules include  discipline-specific and best-practice strategies for teaching and assessment so as to enhance student engagement and learning in mathematics.

Project website

Professional Development Unit Modules

Each Module is presented online as a self-contained unit, including Module outcomes, content, embedded activities, links, tasks, readings, links and resource lists.

Direct links to the Teaching Modules:

Module 1. Introduction to teaching mathematics

Module 2. Models of mathematics learning

Module 3. Planning and designing lessons

Module 4. Conducting lessons

Module 5. Teaching in service units

Module 6. Assessing students in classes

Module 7. Collecting evidence about teaching

Direct link to the Coordinating Modules:

Coordinating units: Modules 8-12

All links from http://www.austms.org.au/ALTC

CADAD University Teacher Preparation Programs project

Developed by the Council Australian Directors of Academic Development, this online professional development workshop contains four self-study modules that provide an introduction to key issues impacting on the preparation and delivery of university teacher preparation programs (UTPPs). Each module provides information, advice, learning activities and discussion questions in a self-paced format.

From http://www.cadad.edu.au/mod/page/view.php?id=169:

“This workshop is recommended for those who:

  • are new to planning and delivering university teacher preparation programs
  • want to refresh their skills for delivering these programs.
  • are seeking to reconceptualise their understanding of learning and teaching in contemporary contexts

UTPPs provide foundational skills to support quality teaching and learning practice and develop a focus on teaching and learning scholarship. This workshop supports those who are working in teaching and learning centres or departments within universities and who are teaching in UTPPs for the first time”

CADAD UTPP Project Modules