E-learning methodologies – Guide for Designing e-learning Courses

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The purpose of this guide is to provide detailed guidance on designing and developing an e-learning course for trainers and instructional designers who are new to e-learning design. It also provides basic concepts and information on the processes and resources involved in e-learning
development, which might be of interest to capacity-development managers.The information in this guide is based on consolidated instructional design models and learning theories and was prepared in the context of the FAO Trust Fund Project GCP/GLO/279/GER entitled: 

“Improving the abilities of Regional Organizations to develop, implement and monitor food security training programmes”. The project is funded by the Government of Germany and implemented by FAO in 2011

Diane Goodman‘s insight:

Are you thinking of designing an eLearning course and dont know where to start? This guide is comprehensive and well-designed, with a good balance of text, graphics and illustrations. The resource includes 5 chapter files which cover the basic concepts of e-learning, with a focus on adult learning and training. Included are tips and methodologies for creating and delivering interactive content and reference to some of the current technologies.

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