Conference: The Future of Fatherhood: What’s next in fathering practice and research?

Where fathers used to be marginally present in children’s lives, fatherhood programs and research have demonstrated the importance of involved fathers in children’s lives.  This conference aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and those interested in fathering to explore fathering practice and research. What will the future of father research look like? What impact do fathers have? How can fathers be engaged in children’s lives? How do particular groups of men negotiate and experience parenting? How does fathering intersect with masculinity? How is fathering shaped by political, cultural, or institutional forces? These and other fathering topics will be addressed during the conference.

The conference will be held on November 7-8, 2016 on the campus of the University of Wollongong.


The latest version of the conference program is available here.

What you may offer

Your presentation may address such areas as:

  • How to engage and work with fathers
  • Shifts or stabilities in the meaning and practice of fathering
  • Fathers and masculinity
  • Fathers’ impact on child development and education
  • Family law and the politics of fathering
  • Fathering and violence against women and children
  • Gay, bisexual, queer and trans fathering
  • Caring and domestic work and division of household tasks
  • Separated, divorced, single, and step fathering

Your presentation may take a variety of forms: a formal talk, a participatory workshop, a theoretical discussion, or a training exercise.

We welcome your suggestions regarding other content or processes for the event, including entertainment (performance, music, film, and so on).

Submission of abstracts

If you are interested in giving a paper or presentation, please submit a title, abstract, and biographical note (see below) to or Please note that an abstract (summary) is required whether your presentation is a formal talk or an interactive workshop.

Please submit the following:

  • Title: No more than 15 words.
  • Abstract: Up to 200 words.
  • Bio: A one-sentence biography of the presenter(s).


We plan to publish a selection of conference papers in a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal.


General registration:

  • Early bird rate: $220
  • Standard registration: $250.

Unwaged / Student registration:

  • Early bird rate: $95
  • Standard registration: $110.

Day rate:

  • Standard day rate: $160 per day
  • Unwaged / Student: $80 per day

*Early bird registration closes on October 14.

Please visit this page to register for the conference.


University of Wollongong


Monday Nov. 7 and Tuesday Nov. 8

Conference dinner, Monday Nov. 7, 7pm

Travelling to the University of Wollongong

The document here provides general information on travel options for getting to the University of Wollongong.