Postgraduate members

Emma Bellino
Thesis title: ‘Marriage, women’s nationality, and Australia’s Asian communities in the early twentieth century’
Supervisors: Sharon Crozier-De Rosa and Kate Bagnall
Interests: women’s/gender/feminist history, marital and reproductive histories, periodical studies, Indigenous history, Australian history, histories of emotions

Nova Brown Longhurst
Thesis title: ‘Revising the Western Frontier’
Supervisors: Ian Buchanan and Sharon Crozier-De Rosa
Interests: film history, genre & screen studies, post-colonial and popular culture, the myth of the push west by settlers in the US, the ‘frontier’ and where this space is inhabited (as landscape or as person, woman or native), the trans-mutative and transformative nature of the western film across other colonial frontiers and genres.

Tamara Cooper
Thesis title: ‘British women missionaries, trafficking, and the protestant rescue project in Hong Kong and China, 1850–1940’
Supervisors: Julia Martinez, Frances Steel and Claire Lowrie
Interests: History of missionaries and trafficking, imperialism, women/feminist history

Marie Geissler
Thesis title: ‘The western reception of Arnhem Land bark painting: 1850–1990’
Interests: Indigenous art, culture and history, Australian art, Australian history, Spirituality in art, Indigenous commentary in relation to the era of the Anthropocene, Protection of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge
Supervisor: Ian McLean

Peter Gibson
Thesis title: ‘Made in Chinatown: Australia’s Chinese Furniture Factories, 1880s – 1920s’
Supervisors: Julia Martı́nez, Jane Carey and Claire Lowrie
Interests: Chinese-Australian history, labour history, economic history, China-Australia trade history

Lou Glover
Thesis title: ‘Deep Time People: South Coast Sea Country’
Supervisors: Georgine Clarsen, Richard (Bert) Roberts, Lynette Russell
Interests: Country (in an Indigenous sense) as sentience, Indigenous knowledge as law, Lawlessness of Western culture, Language and linear time as colonising tools, Pre-sea level rise histories, Deep Time.

Lauren Samuelsson
Thesis title: ‘A matter of taste’: The Australian Women’s Weekly and the birth of a modern Australian food culture, 1933–1983′
Supervisors: Claire Lowrie and Jane Carey
Interests: Australian cultural history, the history of food and drink

Nicholas Surany
Thesis title: ‘Food and colonialism in tropical Northern Australia: a transnational history’
Supervisors: Julia Martinez and Frances Steel
Interests: History & politics, transnational history, Asia-Pacific studies, Australian-Asian relationships, cultural history

Jodie Stewart
Thesis title: ‘Pathways into history: exploring the contemporary Aboriginal past on the Bundian Way’
Supervisor: Georgine Clarsen
Interests: Aboriginal history, settler historiography, settler colonialism, place, mobility and walking, public history