Postgraduate members

Emma Bellino
Thesis title: ‘Marriage, women’s nationality, and Australia’s Asian communities in the early twentieth century’
Supervisors: Sharon Crozier-De Rosa and Kate Bagnall
Interests: women’s/gender/feminist history, marital and reproductive histories, periodical studies, Indigenous history, Australian history, histories of emotions

Tamara Cooper
Thesis title: ‘British women missionaries, trafficking, and the protestant rescue project in Hong Kong and China, 1850–1940’
Supervisors: Julia Martinez, Frances Steel and Claire Lowrie
Interests: History of missionaries and trafficking, imperialism, women/feminist history

Peter Gibson
Thesis title: ‘Made in Chinatown: Australia’s Chinese Furniture Factories, 1880s – 1920s’
Supervisors: Julia Martı́nez, Jane Carey and Claire Lowrie
Interests: Chinese-Australian history, labour history, economic history, China-Australia trade history

Lou Glover
Thesis title: ‘Deep Time People: South Coast Sea Country’
Supervisors: Georgine Clarsen, Richard (Bert) Roberts, Lynette Russell
Interests: Country (in an Indigenous sense) as sentience, Indigenous knowledge as law, Lawlessness of Western culture, Language and linear time as colonising tools, Pre-sea level rise histories, Deep Time.

Lauren Samuelsson
Thesis title: ‘A matter of taste’: The Australian Women’s Weekly and the birth of a modern Australian food culture, 1933–1983′
Supervisors: Claire Lowrie and Jane Carey
Interests: Australian cultural history, the history of food and drink

Brian Scott
Thesis title: ‘Enterprise and the economic development of Australia, 1860-1900’
Supervisors: Simon Ville
Interests: Early Australian economic and settlement history; Australian entrepreneurs; British colonial international settlements and their impact; British, New Zealand, United States and Argentinian 19th century entrepreneurs and their impact on economic development.

Nicholas Surany
Thesis title: ‘Food and colonialism in tropical Northern Australia: a transnational history’
Supervisors: Julia Martinez and Frances Steel
Interests: History & politics, transnational history, Asia-Pacific studies, Australian-Asian relationships, cultural history

Jodie Stewart
Thesis title: ‘Pathways into history: exploring the contemporary Aboriginal past on the Bundian Way’
Supervisor: Georgine Clarsen
Interests: Aboriginal history, settler historiography, settler colonialism, place, mobility and walking, public history

Renzhe Zhang
Thesis title: ‘The New Cultural Movement and the Chinese Diaspora in Australia, 1910s-1930s’
Supervisors: Jason Lim and Julia Martinez
Interests: Chinese Australians, nationalism, colonialism, postmodernism