CASS Newsletter March 2022

Upcoming Events

On 12 April CASS will co-host a research showcase with the Future of Rights Centre (FoRC). Lisa Slater, Michael Griffiths, Leonie Tan, Lauren Samuelsson and Claire Lowrie will present their work. For a list of papers and further information see our website. A full programmme with abstracts will be circulated soon.

On the 28 April the first CASS WIP (work-in-progress) will be held from 1:30-3:00.

Marie Geissler will circulate a chapter titled ‘Indigenous Agency in the bark painting Collections at the National Museum of Australia’.

Lauren Samuelsson will provide the Introduction to be included with a book proposal titled A Matter of Taste: The Australian Women’s Weekly and the birth of a modern Australian food culture, 1933-1982.

If you would like to attend (virtually or in-person) email Claire

 New Publications from CASS Members and Affiliates

Rohan Howitt’s article on ‘Māori Workers in Colonial New South Wales, c. 1803–40’ has been published in History Workshop Journal. Lauren Samuelsson’s delicious looking article titled From nutrition to glamour: The Australian Women’s Weekly’s cookery editors, 1933–1970 has been published online in History Australia.

Fellowship News

Julia T. Martínez has been appointed a 2022 Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University’s Humanities Research Centre and will take up the position in April. Congratulations Julia!

PhD success

Nick Dickie has successfully passed his Research Proposal Review for his thesis titled ‘Provost and Prisoners: The Australian military police and prisoners of war in Europe, North Africa, the Pacific and Australia during the Second World War’.

New Members

CASS has welcomed a number of new members and affiliates to the centre this year.

Rachel Macpherson has joined CASS as a UOW PhD member. Rachel is writing a thesis on ‘Australasian suffrage and the construction of alternative modern nationalisms, 1880 – 1901’. Her supervisors are Sharon Crozier De Rosa and Jane Carey.

ASSH Honorary Research Fellow, Marie Geissler, has also joined CASS. Marie’s research interests include: Indigenous knowledges, Indigenous art, Arnhem Land bark painting, Indigenous agency in cultural collections, Intercultural histories

In addition, we have two new affiliate members:

Anna Dunn, a PhD student at the University of Sydney working on a thesis titled ‘Rocky Relations: Aboriginal cultural heritage protection and recreational use in conservation areas.’

Vanessa Whittington a PhD student based at Western Sydney University, whose thesis is titled ‘Authenticities, deficits, transformations: visitor responses to Aboriginal cultural heritage in Australian protected areas.’

Please join me in welcoming our new researchers!


If you are a CASS member or affiliate and you have news on your research that you would like to publicise, contact Claire