The Centre for Colonial and Settler Studies (CASS) Newsletter November to December 2021

Here is a wrap up of some of the activities CASS people have been involved in over the last month.


Our last CASS work-in-progress for the year was held on 7 December. It was lovely to meet in person and very special as Claire Wright, Rohan Howitt and André Brett are all beginning new jobs in 2022. Claire Wright is leaving Macquarie University to begin her DECRA at the University of Technology Sydney. Rohan Howitt is taking up a Post-Doc in Environmental History at the Australian National University. André Brett is (sadly) leaving UOW to take up a permanent role at Curtin University. We wish them all the best in their exciting new positions.

For the WIP, Claire Wright circulated a draft article titled ‘Mythmaking: Annual reports and Australian corporate culture, 1910-2018.’  André Brett shared ‘“So Unusual, So Horrible, and So Rapid in the Fatal Result”: The Death of James Garden Ramsay and Summertime Railway Travel in Colonial Australia.’ Claire Lowrie and Rohan Howitt provided feedback.


During November, a number of our members were invited to deliver keynotes and public lectures. On 19 November, Lisa Slater gave a keynote on ’Uncertain belonging’ for the European Australian Studies Symposium. With Adrian Vickers, Julia Martínez delivered a keynote at the Navigating Encounters and Exchanges Symposium held at the Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne (24 November).

Claire Lowrie was part of a Making Public Histories seminar on ‘Child Labour and Slavery’ organised by Monash University History Program and the History Council of Victoria. She presented alongside Professor Jane Lydon (UWA) and Associate Professor Susie Protschky (Deakin). A recording of the public event is available on YouTube.

CASS members and affiliates were also involved in several conferences. Seven of our members presented their latest research at the Australian Historical Association conference, including Jane Carey, Sharon Crozier De Rosa, Amanda Harris, Claire Lowrie, Julia Martínez, Lauren Samuelsson and Claire Wright.


Congratulations to Amanda Harris whose book Representing Australian Aboriginal Music and Dance 1930-1970 (Bloomsbury 2020) was shortlisted for the Australian History Category of the 2021 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards. What an achievement!

Well done to all of the CASS members who have continued to publish their work during the course of what has been a very challenging year. A list of publications for the year can be found on the CASS website. Special mention goes to Sharon Crozier De Rosa who had a whopping 4 articles, 3 chapters and 4 book reviews published this year!

 Lisa Slater marked a major outcome of her collaborative UOW Global Challenges Grant on Cultural Burning for Resilience. On 8 December the team premiered their film from the Cultural Burning for Resilience project. This Aboriginal-led community project, brings together Aboriginal high school students with Yuin Elders and cultural land management practitioners from the South Coast to learn about good fire, bad fire, and connection to Country. 

Wishing everyone a restful summer break. See you in 2022!