CASS Newsletter – August to October 2021

CASS researchers kept busy over the long lockdown period. Below are some of our key activities and achievements.

CASS Work-In-Progress Session

On the 23rd of September we met for a work-in-progress session.

Mike Griffith’s shared his draft chapter on ‘White Representations of Aboriginality in the Twentieth Century Australian Novel’ for the Cambridge History of the Australian Novel. Claire Lowrie circulated a draft of her article on ‘“A hill station for whom?”: Hill Stations and the racialized politics of coping with heat in colonial Malaya and the Philippines, 1920s-1930s.’

Thanks to (in order of zoom photo) Rohan Howitt, Julia Martínez, André Brett and Claire Wright for their excellent feedback!

DECRA and other grant successes

 Long time CASS member, Claire Wright (Macquarie University), was awarded an ARC DECRA for her project titled ‘Above the glass ceiling: Australian women in corporate leadership 1910–2020’. The project explores our understanding of business history by undertaking the first comprehensive history of women in corporate leadership in Australia across the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Well done Claire!

Lisa Slater was part of a team that won a UOW RevITAlise (RITA) Research Grant for her project ‘Re-walking and reawakening country’ (with Katharine Haynes and Phillip Byrne). 


In August the Financial Review included a feature story on Simon Ville and his appointment as Harvard Chair of Australian Studies (2022-2023). You can read the story here

Book Prize – International Convention of Asian Scholars

Congratulations to Julia Martínez, Claire Lowrie, Frances Steel and Victoria Haskins, who won the Social Sciences ‘Teaching Tool Accolade’ in the 2021 International Convention of Asian Scholars Book Prizes. The accolade was awarded for their book, Colonialism and Male Domestic Service Across the Asia Pacific (Bloomsbury 2019). The book was an outcome of their ARC Discovery Project ‘Houseboys: A transcolonial history of domestic service in the Asia-Pacific’. More information on the prize and the winners can be found here

Conference Activities

A number of our members have engaged in conferences over the last few months.

Lauren Samuelsson was part of the organizing committee and a presenter for the Lilith ‘Gender in Catastrophic Times’ symposium in September.

Jane Carey was part of a panel presentation on ‘Eugenic thinking in Australasia: An Anti-Eugenics Centennial’ organised by the University of Western Australia and PEiPL (Philosophical Engagement in Public Life).

In August, Claire Lowrie and Julia Martínez presented at the International Convention of Asian Scholars. They were part of a panel on  as part of a panel on ‘Indentured Labour and Domestic Service’ with Arunima Datta (University of Idaho) and Victoria Haskins (University of Newcastle), chaired by Swapna Banerjee (CUNY).


If you are a CASS member or affiliate and you have news on your research that you would like to publicise, contact Claire