André Brett was awarded an Australian Academy of the Humanities Travelling Fellowship

The Australian Academy of the Humanities, the national body for the humanities, has awarded Dr André Brett one of its highly competitive Humanities Travelling Fellowships.

This fellowship will support Dr Brett to travel to New Zealand, once trans-Tasman travel is possible again, to perform research in Dunedin for the project ‘Divide and Rule: Territorial Separation Movements in Colonial Australasia’.

During the nineteenth century, at least eleven movements sought to create new colonies throughout what are now Australia and New Zealand. Three succeeded, creating Queensland, Tasmania, and Victoria. Other movements, although unable to obtain separation from the colony of which they formed part, shaped profoundly the identities of regions from Otago to the Riverina, North Queensland to Auckland.

Dr Brett’s project aims to provide the first comprehensive study of separation movements in colonial Australasia to shed light on separation as a political issue of the present and a challenge for the future.