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November 20, 2018 by edgard | 2 Comments

PhD job search advice from UOW HDR graduates

Introduction: One of the highlights of my role is hearing graduates share their career stories.  It’s fascinating to hear how such divergent paths can share common themes. Careers Central collaborated with academics from the School of Medicine to run a PhD Careers panel and career discussion as part of the recent School of Medicine Research Forum.  UOW PhD researchers Lauren Houston and Gabrielle Phillips both volunteered to write about their reflections on listening to these three wonderful career stories. 

Lauren’s reflections:

Completing a PhD can seem like a 24/7 endeavour. We are often busy rushing around trying to balance personal, family and work life all at once, forgetting to stop and ask ourselves why it is we are writing this very large book! A panel of three University of Wollongong (UOW), PhD graduates (Dr Danielle Camer, Senior Medical Writer for Swordfish Media; Dr Rhoda Ndanuko, The George Institute for Global Health; Dr Sheridan Gho, Co-founder and director, Cenofex) highlight that there are endless lessons and opportunities presented along this roller coaster of the PhD journey.

As each PhD journey is so different and unique it was emphasized by the panel members that within each journey there are actually many commonalities. Continue Reading →

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July 26, 2018
by saryan

The Five Fs of Leadership

Guest Post by Dr. Alfred Chidembo

Introduction:  Alfred was one of the first students I met when I came to UOW in 2013.  He made an impact then, and he is certainly making an impact on many lives now:  through his Not-for-profit organization Aussie Books for Zim, and through his contributions to the UOW community.  He has delivered student leadership training through UOWx, hosted student teams as part of our student consultancy program Univative and participated on a panel at the HDR Shaping your Employability event late in 2017.  After his inspiring talk at that event, I asked him to share his leadership message through our HDR Careers Conversations blog… and here it is! 

Sometimes leadership is thrust upon you and you find yourself thrown into the deep end where you assess yourself and ask the question, “what have I got to give?” I had a deep look inside and realized that the cupboard was empty except for one quality that I knew I always had, just one: enthusiasm. It happened to me Continue Reading →

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February 21, 2018
by saryan

6 Characteristics of the Scientist-Entrepreneur

Guest post by Dr Cameron Ferris  

Entrepreneurship is a hot topic in any discussion of careers, the world of work and graduate opportunity at all levels.  Below Cameron outlines the need for a hybrid researcher/ entrepreneur and the characteristics necessary, many of which can be gained through your UOW PhD experience.

I sometimes hear it said that a research degree involves discovering ‘more and more’ about ‘less and less’. In some respects that is true – we become deeply embedded in a specific area of research – but on the whole, I couldn’t disagree more. A research degree is a journey that instils a broad and highly valuable skill set. Since completing my PhD at the University of Wollongong I have drawn significantly on my experience and learnings in building a career in innovation and capital investment.

I’ve particularly enjoyed working with many scientists who are carving a path to take new technologies to market. This is a great time to develop science-backed ventures in Australia, with plenty of public and private sector support for the translation of research into commercial impact, but it requires the right people to make it a reality. Perhaps you are one of those people and, if you have the entrepreneurial itch, I hope this article will be of some encouragement to you. Continue Reading →

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