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September 2, 2019
by whitneys

Solving real-life problems and learning from industry – UOW STEM Hackathon

Guest Post by Terence Vu

Introduction: Careers Central recently co-ordinated the inaugural UOW STEM Hackathon as part of the UOW STEM Careers Expo in early August.  Here Terence Vu, a PhD researcher in the Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences, reflects on his participation, what he learned and how he developed his skills. 

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels (license)

The STEM Career Expo has been traditionally received by researchers like myself with much enthusiasm – a once-a-year event for students to meet up with representatives from various organizations from a wide range of industries and sectors. To know more about the companies and what to expect from the job –directly from the staff– is a rare opportunity. For the first time this year, I found another career learning opportunity to be excited about: the UOW STEM Hackathon.

Teams of UOW students came to UOW STEM Hackathon for a chance to solve real-life business problems. Continue Reading →

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May 8, 2018
by saryan

Industry Research Internships – a valuable experience for PhD researchers

HisIntroduction:  The Australian Postgraduate Research internship scheme is driving university- industry collaboration by facilitating internships for PhD students in industry and public organisations.  Yue Ma, a UOW PhD researcher in statistics has recently completed an internship with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).  Thanks Yue for describing your experience in applying for the internship, your experience during the internship and the learning you gained.

Each year the APR-internship program offers internship opportunities to PhD researchers. As a PhD student in statistics, I had an opportunity to take on one of the APR-internship projects which requires a collaborative research project with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). I benefited a lot from this six-month internship project and I would like to share my experience which could be valuable to other researchers considering participating. Continue Reading →

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