Oui oui! Le Skype is working!

After months of planning and testing, the Skype pilot kicked off today. With slick new high definition web cams, and the help of the “how to” login sheet, the french language students connected with other students in Noumea. And the French conversations began to flow.

While many staff members have had Skype installed and working fine in their offices on their individual managed desktop machines (ie supported centrally by ITS), up until know it has been impossible to intall and use them “en masse” for use by students in an ITS managed teaching computer lab. But, thanks to the hard work of everybody involved (especially Krstan Risteski, ITS Labs Manager and Liz Burns, ITS System team) a special ‘software package’ was developed, tested, tweaked, and re-tested. Now Skype can be remotely installed in labs by ITS Support staff, with the correct network and software settings so that it actually works within the confines of a teaching lab. The only last minute hitch was that each new web-cam purchased by Arts (they are for use in the new Bld 19 Language labs) needed to have the software drivers manually installed, but thanks to Krstan, this was achieved in time also.

Your blog after imporing a bunch of posts

Here’s part 2 in a video lesson on how to export and import posts. (For part one, scroll down to the previous post.) This video starts with the list of the imported posts, then shows the new blog and how to tidy up your new blog. Shows some features of the new UOW templates as part of this.

Emerging Technology adoption Cycle: the votes are in

20 leaders in the take-up of emerging technologies by tertiary education vote on where 6 technologies on the “Horizon” sit on the Gartner adoption curve. Gesture-based computing being highly experimental, augmented reality being still very experimental, digital data analysis, electronic books and open content getting some more mature usage, and mobiles hitting the majority.

Horizon Report Emerging Technology Summit

The Edge in Brisbane is the location of the Emerging Technology Summit, organized by the New Media Consortium. I was pleased to be invited to attend on behalf on ACODE exec as well as Uni of Wollongong, to discuss the trends and opportunities focussed on the tertiary education sector. And get a sneak preview at the Horizon Reports forecasts for 2011.

Engaging and Smart whiteboards in Engineering

Saw the full potential of the NoteBook software that authors and presents lessons on the SmartBoards. Thankyou Hannah Russell for taking the time to show me how it works. I particularly liked the split screen display of 2 sources, the URL link, the on-screen touch keyboard (like iPad) and the screen capture and paste functions.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes with using Bridgit software to share those lessons in real time with remote students.

Helping your Community of Users

Some great things are happening with the Edublogs pilot. We can now see great communities breaking out.

One particular Administrator of these communities has made a quick little video to help their users.

Adding comments and posts

What else are you doing to help develop your community of users?