iPads for in-lecture polling

Uni of Adelaide iPads for in-lecture polling. Whist “clickers” faltered due to the need for students to all have one, this simple but clever solutions means the students just put their hand up, and only the lecturer needs the iPad.

See page 13 for the article


IdeaPaint in teaching space at VicUni

Dave Cummings at Victoria University is blogging about his Teaching Space project. They’ve just finished doing the walls and floor in IdeaPaint. They have to wait til friday for it to dry/cure before then can use it. But then…. it’ll be cool. Here’s a YouTube about IdeaPaint:

Adobe digital publishing seminar

Looking at the way PDF is ramping up to become publishing platform for online and interactive mags for iPad and other mobile devices. Feedback from viewers: where are all the videos? Australian PC mag when they went online/ipad got excited viewers for 2 issues, ie excited about reading and delivery online, gestured flicking through the pages. But very quickly they wanted a lot more web interactivity and video content. Publishing houses having to buy digital cameras and get up with lighting and framing so their existing staff can create video and photographs for their digital publications. Session also did a good overview of Android as an open source mobile development platform as well.