Showcase: our new UOW blogs

I’m pleased to introduce you to our newest public blog, Conversations with AUSCCER, from the team at the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research. The group are showcasing their research interests and outputs via the UOW blog, which has integrated social-media links for viewers to help spread the word and build a larger audience for their work. Says Chris Gibson, “I posted late last week and within a couple of hours, the post had had 50+  visitors and had become ‘most popular post’…It got facebook liked 25 times and 10+ tweets. All good and very encouraging.”

Another new public blog is one setup to help us farewell our long-serving DVC(A) – to capture your memories, stories and comments on Rob’s Legacy of Learning at UOW. Everyone is welcome to use the comments feature to leave their farewell message for Rob. Continue reading

In2Uni progress: blogging for community outreach

In2Uni is an innovative community engagement project that seeks to raise the profile of tertiary education within selected local high schools in the Illawarra South East Region. It partners later year Journalism students from Faculty of Creative Arts with student cohorts from Years 7 – 12. Our students mentor the high school students and do a special project with them as part of this. There were visits to each of the schools back in March, and since then each cohort are beavering away on their projects – which vary depending on the age of the students. The blogs are private to each group, so we can’t show you inside, but here’s a snapshot of their usage. Thanks to Tara Loty (Co-ordinator) for agreeing to share these statistics on the number of new posts and comments per blog over the last few months.



113 active blogs… and rising….

In2UniYr9_May30Since the beginning of the year, the uptake of UOW blogs has increased and now we have: 101 teaching blogs (including 91 student/class blogs), 6 blogs for research groups or projects, and 7 blogs to communicate and engage with local communities. In the latter category is the In2Uni project, which has UOW students mentoring c300 local high-school students from years 7 – 12 and using a blog (one for each of the different school years) to keep the conversation going when the UOW mentors are not visiting the schools.