Blogs for MOOCs, blogs for ePortfolios

As the 2015 academic year rolls around, our use of blogging at UOW continues to grow.

After negotiations flowing from a report to the Learning Platform Steering group regarding sustainable support models, we have handed over the reigns for the blog-create process to Robert Robinson and his team at IMTS, and Learning Teaching and Curriculum will continue to support the teachings-specific usages of blogs. In particular, we are seeing a spike of usage in our Maths MOOC (delivered in a blog) and we are working with colleagues in Workplace Health and Safety to create a Maths MOOC that is specific to the needs of the calculations in the new Masters of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) program. Below is the intro video clip that explains why WHS students and working professionals need to keep up their Maths skills. And in exciting news, we are working with edublogs (our service provider) to come up with a batch/bulk blog create process that will allow us to create 650 new blogs-as-eportfolios in a large first year LHA subject.

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