2013 In Review

Merry Christmas from the OpenUOW Team!

 It’s been a busy year! For the first time we’ve been able to collate detailed statistics across all our blogging sites and the data has been better than we anticipated.

Across all our sites we had a view count of 53 021, with 40 494 being unique visitors to the sites.  Beyond that there was a total of 101 799 page views with
79 208 of those being unique visitors.

A big congratulations goes to the team at the Student Life Blog who took out the number one place for page views with 16 627 unique views. We had a wide variety of blogs within our top viewed; it’s great to see that both the social and academic side garnering support.

We were also able to see just how our visitors were reaching our blogging sites. Of the 53 021 visitors, just under half (24 158) came directly to the site using the url. Another 15 025 visitors were referred to our sites through Google.

On the social media front, 80% of our traffic from social media came through Facebook. It’s great to see that the bloggers are pushing the blogs out through social media channels, and that these are getting a good response from readers.

On our OpenUOW YouTube Channel, since its launch in June we have had 4028 views on our videos and gained 52 subscribers.  Our top ten videos so far are:

 This year also saw the implementation of UOWs first ever MOOC. In partnership with Open2Study Dr Kylie Mansfield and Associate Professor Lyndal Parker-Newlyn from the Graduate School of Medicine launched ‘Understanding Common Diseases’ with 1502 students completing the course. A huge success for UOWs first ever MOOC!

It’s been a fantastic year for our Open Education initiatives and 2014 is shaping up to be even bigger. From all of us at OpenUOW, have a safe and happy holidays!

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