August Blog Stats

Hey Bloggers,

Here are our stats from August:

Our blogs had a total number of 5798 views with 4945 unique visitors.

This translated to a massive 8881 page views.



Once again the folks over at Student Life have taken out our top spot of most viewed blog over the passed month. They also took it one step further and had four posts in our top ten most viewed pages. Congratulations guys!

Lorraine Denny has kicked off the E-Optimism course, run through PODS, and this also made it up into our top ten.

The Moodle Learners and Builders blog was also up in our top ten, and it’s great to see that people are checking out information on Moodle while we move through the transition on the learning platform.

The breakdown of our traffic sources shows the largest portion of our audience is coming directly to the sites: ie they know the URL
From our referred sites a massive 40% of our audience coming across from Facebook. Keep up the cross promotion on social media, it is definitely working! The remainder of our referrals came through the UOW website and search engine queries.

Excellent work across all fronts.

Keep it up.

Happy Blogging!

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