Creative Commons and Copyright-free images

We’ve been looking in to sourcing images that can be used by our bloggers in their blogs, and have found a wealth of images that fit the bill. It’s all part of the Flickr image sharing website.

Firstly, there is a historical archive of photographs with no known copyright restrictions developed by over 50 contributing organisation called The Commons. It includes photos from 6 major Australian libraries/museums. And you can explore creative commons licenced images ie search through contemporary photos contributed by people all over the world, who are happy to share their work via a creative commons attribution/share alike license.

The license agreement allows a person to share (copy, distribute and transmit the work) and adapt the work, so long as the work is attributed in the specified manner of the author, and that any adaption made to the work is also distributed under the same licence conditions.

More info on the specifics of the licence agreement can be found here

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