Google Analytics Update

Just a quick update on our Google Analytics stats.
Between March 22 – April 21 our blogging sites had 5679 views, with 4046 unique visitors. This broke down into 16 753 page views, with each visit averaging 3.5 minutes. Well done bloggers, you are writing good stuff, and our readers are doing more than just skimming your content!

The MGMT901 Blog, a private teaching resource blog) accounted for 8785 page views, not surprising that it topped the list as the students were logging on to submit their essays and use the web-form for peer review. Our analytics data also indicates that the students are successfully navigating hundreds of blog entries using the categories that have been set up.

Excluding the MGMT site, the most popular sites were:

The breakdown in the traffic sources shows that:

  • Half of all visitors are coming to the sites directly, i.e. they know the URL
  • One third were referred from a non-search engine site – Facebook was the most common referral in this category – so we are bringing ‘friends of friends’ to our blogs who may not have ben aware of us otherwise. Next to this, the most common referral was from the various parts of the UOW website
  • The remaining group found us while looking for particular information via search engines, i.e. they googled us

Excellent work! It’s great to see our blogs getting so many hits.

Happy blogging!

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