Common-sense: Acceptable use of IT please!
All blog users are required to abide by the terms of the UOW Acceptable use of IT Policy, and that includes external users of the UOW blog service. This policy stipulates things such as no sharing illegal music or pornography files, no swearing or electronic verbal abuse or intimidation other users, using the IT services for work purposes, and other similar rules which really ought to be “common-sense.” If you are in any way unsure, it is your responsibility to read the policy. If you are not a UOW staff-member or student, please ask the UOW person who owns the blog you are interacting with to provide you with a copy.

Posting and Commenting: new for many people
While Acceptable Use of IT ideas have been around for some time, the ability for staff and students to actually post text, images and comments to blog pages which others read – well that might be new for you.

If you post text that’s an opinion or an idea, be sure you say so. Don’t attribute others’ ideas as your own. Copyright and Plagiarism policies also apply to UOW blogs. Be especially careful not to use photos of the internet ie which are not yours unless they are used for education purposes AND you attribute them correctly.

Comments are welcome on University of Wollongong blogs. Although the way in which comments are handled is up individual blog owners there are some guidelines to which all commenters should adhere:

  • Comments should not include swearing or profanity
  • Personal attacks against bloggers or other commenters will not be tolerated
  • Comments should not be defamatory or libelous
  • All commenters must supply a genuine email address. This will not be published.

Other points:

  • Blog owners reserve the right to edit or delete comments that do not adhere to the guidelines above.
  • Some blog owners may choose to moderate all comments before they appear on their blog.
  • A spam filter operates on all blogs. Sometimes genuine comments may get incorrectly marked as spam, especially if they contain a number of links. If this occurs please try to be patient, your comment will be approved when the blog owner reviews the spam.

Using a Disclaimer
UOW blog templates have a disclaimer telling readers that the information is not the official opinion of UOW, but more of a work in progress from an individual or group of people, which may include those external to UOW. If your blog doesn’t have the default disclaimer text on it (see below for what it looks like) then please let us know by emailing at blog-support@uow.edu.au.

Best efforts are made to keep the information in this blog up to date, however we can´t guarantee this – see UOW Disclaimer.
All blog users – both authors and those using the comments function – must abide by Acceptable Use of IT policy. Please report offensive or improper use of the blog to: blog-support@uow.edu.au.

This disclaimer will now be set as a default widget for all the UOW approved themes currently being developed.

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