Shark cull begins

Post written by AUSCCER’s Leah Gibbs and Andrew Warren (University of New England)

Australia Day began badly for sharks. The day before, Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett rolled out the lines of large baited hooks along parts of the WA coast that he’s been promising as part of the state’s Shark Mitigation Strategy. Within 24 hours the first shark was caught and killed. A 3m long tiger shark. The lines of hooks – known as baited drumlines – are anchored 1km off the shore. Their purpose is to kill sharks deemed to pose a threat to people. Continue reading

A field trip into the urban-rural fringe

Post by Nick Skilton

The experience of the 2013 IAG annual conference has already been colourfully documented by some within AUSCCER. For some though, the conference continued after the final session on Wednesday, albeit in a much more informal capacity. The setting was the four day rural field trip, fabulously organised by Amanda Davies from Curtin University.

Feral Brew Sampler

Nine of us left conference rooms of the University of Western Australia behind us and embarked into the urban-rural fringe. After the rigours of a three day conference, the first and much needed port of call was lunch at the Feral Brewery in Baskerville. The range of micro-brewed beers was first rate, and their sour beer some of the best I’ve had. The amount of tables and lawn space available suggested a high turnover on weekends and holidays despite the lack of transport options. Continue reading