Bushfires: rural residents are the solution, not the problem

Post written by Nicholas Gill

The return of heatwaves and bushfires to the news pages has brought fresh warnings that Australians who live in fire-prone zones still don’t fully understand the risk they are running.

Deadly fires in Victoria’s Grampians and the Perth Hills, and the many other emergencies across other states, have once again brought the dangers into stark relief. Yet we have found evidence that people living near bushland are more aware of the risks and remedies than they are given credit for. Continue reading

How prepared are we for bushfires?

Gender and Wildfire

Gender and Wildfire

Are Australian men, women and households really as aware and prepared for bushfire emergencies as we think we are? This is one question that is explored in a topical new book by AUSCCER’s Dr Christine Eriksen.

In Gender and Wildfire: Landscapes of UncertaintyDr Eriksen examines bushfire awareness and preparedness amongst women, men, households, communities and agencies at the interface between city and beyond. Continue reading