Chicago here we come!

We are two weeks away from one of geography’s largest conferences – the Association of American Geographers, held this year in Chicago, Illinois.  A dozen AUSCCERites will be presenting some of their latest work, from Mining and Sex Work, to Indigenous Invasive Plant Management in Northern Australia.

If you’re attending the conference, keep an eye out for the following speakers and session times. If you’re not lucky enough to find yourself in Chicago, make sure you keep up to date with the latest discussions by following #AAG2015 on Twitter.

(Please note, the following times are based on the draft timetable and may be subject to change).




Thomas Birtchnell – 3D Printing in India as an Inclusive Jugaad




Leah Gibbs and Andrew Warren– Nonhuman agency in human-shark encounter


Michael Adams – One breath: embodied geographies of freediving

(Leah, Andrew and Michael are in the same session)


Nick Gill, Olivia Dun, Chris Brennan-Horley and Christine Eriksen – Visual Prompts: Eliciting Amenity and Bushfire Hazard Mitigation Preferences in Fire-prone Landscapes of NSW, Australia




Christine Eriksen – Grieving witnesses: The politics of grief in the field (II) – Panel Session


Chris Brennan-Horley – Qualitative GIS for dementia friendly environments: Illuminating spatial perspectives


Jenny Atchison and Lesley Head – Entangled invasive lives I: Indigenous Invasive Plant Management in Northern Australia




Christine Eriksen – Vulnerability, Privilege and Affluence: Exploring the Connections – Panel Session


Nick Skilton – Mining and Sex Work: Recentring the margins of unequal labour laws


Elyse Stanes – Co-Producing a heuristic conceptualization of curation (3) – Panel Session

Shaun McKiernan – More-than-invasive: (re)valuing ecological belonging through affective entanglements

(Elyse and Shaun are in separate sessions)




Chris Gibson and Chantel Carr Rethinking redundancy for volatile futures

Andrew Warren and Chris Gibson – The embodied and emotional experiences of redundancy

(Chris, Chantel and Andrew are in the same session)


Chantel Carr – Steel and its other stories

Elyse Stanes – Re-dressing cycles of excess and redundancy

(Elyse and Chantel are in the same session)


To access the AAG program and presenter abstracts, click here and follow the links.



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