Call for interest in a rural natural resource management session for IAG 2015

The Institute of Australia Geography 2015 conference organisers are calling for session proposals. We are looking to provide a forum for environmental geographers and others working on natural resource and environmental management in rural areas, but we need your interest to put the session up! Our proposed session outline is below. If you are interested, please send us your paper titles as detailed below.

Natural resource management, land use change, and governance in peri-urban and high amenity rural areas: Taking stock.

Shaun McKiernan and Nicholas Gill, University of Wollongong

In 2012 Abrams et al reviewed the environmental implications of amenity migration to rural areas, concluding that it ‘is perhaps best conceptualised as a redistribution of (variably-defined) environmental harms and benefits at multiple scales, due to….[the] consequences of the uneven processes of recreating rural places’. This review sought to expand upon existing research and provide a basis for more nuanced accounts of the trajectories and forms of socio-environmental change. Moreover, the review emphasised the need to look beyond peri-urban and high amenity areas themselves and to consider their relationships to other places. In this session we wish to take stock of the progress of research in this field and invite conceptual and empirical work that speaks to this topic. Possible themes include:

  • Actors other than the migrants and landowners themselves (e.g. nonhuman, NRM managers, real estate agents, planners).
  • Agriculture and food production.
  • Interdisciplinary research – eg planning, biophysical, spatial etc.
  • Multi and cross-scalar analysis of rural multifunctionality.
  • The politics and political ecologies of resources.
  • Environmental governance.
  • Rural environmental imaginaries and practice.
  • Community (re)formation and rural
  • Stewardship and knowledge.
  • “Drivers” of demographic and land-use change

Abrams, J. Gosnell, H., Gill, N., Klepeis, P. (2012). “Re-creating the Rural, Reconstructing Nature: An International Literature Review of the Environmental Implications of Amenity Migration.” Conservation and Society 10(3): 270-284

In the first instance submit proposed titles (and abstracts if prepared) to Shaun McKiernan,


Associate Professor Nicholas Gill is a geographer at the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research at the University of Wollongong. He is on Twitter @DrNickGill

Shaun McKiernan is a geographer and PhD candidate at the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research at the University of Wollongong. He is on Twitter @shaunmckiernan

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