UOW researcher to investigate the experiences of parents/care-givers who take their children to Viva La Gong

Held annually each November, Wollongong’s Viva La Gong is promoted as a ‘family-friendly’ cultural festival with children’s entertainment and involvement being a main focus of the event.

In 2014 Viva La Gong will be held on Saturday 8th November at MacCabe Park and PhD Candidate Susannah Clement from the University of Wollongong’s Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research is looking to talk to parents/care-givers who plan to attend with their children.

This study aims to better understand the role of festivals in forging the social relationships between families and cities. To do so the project explores a number of questions:

  • Is Viva la Gong a family-friendly event?
  • Does Viva la Gong change the understanding of Wollongong city centre for festival goers’ who attend with children?
  • What would festival goers’ who attend with children change about Viva la Gong?

If you are planning on attending Viva La Gong with your family and would like to help answer these questions you can contact Susannah on 0421 223 166 or email sc527@uowmail.edu.au.

Susannah Clement is a PhD Candidate with the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research at the University of Wollongong. You can follow her on twitter @SusannahClement. Her last post was First impressions – IAG/NZGS Conference Melbourne 2014.

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