Gender and Wildfire – an interview with Christine Eriksen

In this video for OpenUOW AUSCCER’s Dr Christine Eriksen discusses her new book Gender and Wildfire: Landscapes of Uncertainty.

The book examines bushfire awareness and preparedness amongst women, men, households, communities and agencies at the interface between city and beyond. It does so through an examination of two regions where bushfires are common and disastrous: southeast Australia and the west coast United States. Christine follows women’s and men’s stories of surviving, fighting, evacuating, living and working with bushfire to reveal the intimate inner workings of bushfire response — and especially the culturally and historically distinct gender relations that underpin bushfire resilience.

“Gender and Wildfire: Landscapes of Uncertainty” is published by Routledge, 2014, ISBN 978-0-415-50270-20. You can purchase the book online at Routledge here. And find out more in this press release “How prepared are we for bushfires?“.

Christine has written several posts about fire including “Questioning the legality of forced evacuations during the Red October bushfires” and “Reflections from the firefront and research in its ashen wake“. You can follow Christine on Twitter @DrCEriksen.

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