One small step

Photo of my mapping exercise for CAVA101/102

Photo of my mapping exercise for CAVA101/102

And we’re off! The first week of the Bachelor of Creative Arts has kicked off and we’re already getting into the swing of things.

Day one (Tuesday) consisted of a meet-and-greet and a general overview of how things work within this degree. Pretty basic stuff.

Day two (Wednesday) is where the fun started. I must say, coming from a Computer Science Degree the amount of creative thinking and hands on work is completely different to how I thought the work would be. It is surprisingly pleasant though, I can feel the creative juices flowing already!

We were taken for a silent walk through the Botanical Gardens and were asked to observe things according to a specific sense. I was asked to observe the smells during our little outing, and then represent it in a mapping exercise that will tie into our first assignment. Thinking about how I would represent smells and what they meant to me in a visual manner forced me to think outside the box (I mean how to you show smell?). The thing I did notice the most was that each individual smell could be identified by a specific colour in my mind, and oddly enough each colour that I had assigned to each smell collectively hearkened back to vivid moments in my life.

From that, came the idea i’ll be using for my mapping exercise;

A triple sensory artwork. Sight, touch and smell.

The idea here is to implement parts of my environment to physically use on the piece, like dirt combined with a light brown/cream watercolour to represent the dry gravel that we walked along at a particular point. This means you can actually touch it and feel the grainy sensation that we would have under out feet. An extremely strong smell of Lavender wafted through the area we were in. Here, it will be represented by a strong splash of purple and i’ll be will be infusing it with lavender oil. So not only will you be able to see the beautiful colour of Lavenders, but you’ll be able to smell it as well!

The whole idea behind this is to hopefully invoke the same sensations of being taken back or reminded of moments in the audiences lives, just as it did for me.

I have a Diploma in Graphic Design & Visual Communications from the Design Center, Enmore – and the first few days were nothing like any of my days at the previous course, and to be honest, i’m loving it. I’m already being challenged in ways that I haven’t before when it comes to design and I am extremely excited to see what they have in store for me next!