MEDA102 – Assessment 1

Throughout the last few weeks of MEDA102, we have been studying the art of instruction abstraction. This refers to the ability of creating a set of instructions from an image. In assessment 1, we had set out to do exactly this.

The initial concept was to use an A3 sheet and draw a series of squares, rectangles, circles and triangles lightly with pencil, who’s lines intersected at at least one point. Once the shapes were drawn Two colours were to be used to trace over the shapes. Once a line intersected, the colour used would change – This created an interesting X-Ray effect. The problem with this was, If any shape had a point of intersection that equaled an odd number, the colour would not work. The concept had to change due to uncontrollable variables.

The concept I had ended up with after some experimentation with class mates was reminiscent of a diverse range of objects..or imprints, to be more specific. This concept was inspired by works of Dominick Talvacchio. The inspiration came from a piece called “Arcs, Missing Arcs” where Dominick had created a series of shapes from negative space.

Dominick Talvacchio inspiration piece

Whilst my piece differs in the sense that the circles themselves aren’t the focus, rather the negative space – the concept remains relatively the same. The final images had been described by the person(s) executing the instructions as looking like an Areo chocolate bar, colour blindness chart, blood cells, bubbles, pebble walls, the FIFA soccer ball, easter egg, balloon and the Canadian maple leaf. The most interesting element of the final design/instructions was that there was room for slight individuality, a hint of uniqueness – yet the instructions are clear and concise enough that they also looked the same and as intended.

I had my Girlfriend, Latitia, Mother, Meri, and Sister, Natalie execute the instructions without knowledge of what one another were doing – and to my pleasant surprise, all three images looked near identical, with the exception of one, where Natalie had skipped over a line of instructions. She was informed to execute the instructions again without being told what the problem was – she got it right the second time.


  1. On an A3 sheet of paper in landscape format, use a pencil and very lightly draw a
  2.  large circle who’s top and bottom point touch the edge of the page.
  3. Within the large circle, lightly draw other circles
    of varying sizes to fill the large circle. These are to be both large and small in size. Each circle you draw is to touch another circle at at least 1 (one) point.
  4. Erase the large outside circle with the eraser provided.
  5. Fill/colour in the spaces in between the circles with the green highlighter provided.
  6. Wait 1 (one) minute after filling in the spaces with the highlighter – Use the eraser to remove the remaining pencil.




Meri’s execution

Latitia’s execution

Natalie’s execution

Natalie’s failed execution – due to the fact she skipped over a line of instructions


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