CAGD202 Final adjustments

We had our final opportunity to make adjustments on the website redesign/rebrand. Several changes were made with consideration to the feedback from our last presentation, but the group was fairly on track and on the same wave length, so changes came naturally and seamlessly. Some of the adjustments we had made included tweaking the text and layout of the logo rebrand proposal and elaborating on the conceptual and developmental stage of the new identity, implementing a temporary “Formally PCWorld” banner situated at the top of the home page, adjusting the website layout so the amount of columns used were coherent throughout most pages and making clearer which page the user was currently on.

There were some suggestions, however, that the group decided not to implement. The largest of which was adding a tag line to the logo to further connect the old identity to the new. Whilst the feedback on this particular element was more than viable, we had concluded that we had brought forward more than enough elements from the previous identity to connect to the new. We understand that PCWorld has a strong, loyal audience, but this audience was not strong enough to be a competitor in an ever expanding digital sphere – hence utilizing several heritage elements in the new identity, allowing it to be familiar, but fresh. I had suggested somehow adding a “Formally PCWorld” discretely on the website itself, so as to not completely negate the suggestion and this was implemented as a temporary banner at the top of the home page.

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