CAGD202 Presentation feedback

Week 13’s final presentation provided our group with some excellent feedback. This was the first time we had unveiled the both the identity rebrand and redesign of the website and it was well received. Upon discussion with our peers, there were a few small adjustments proposed that we will be taking on and implementing within both the identity and website.

These improvements include;

  1. Move search function to top right corner… implement filter options previously discussed
  2. Potential temporary tag line – until the audience becomes familiar with new brand
  3. Implementation of the new red, maybe in the header rather than more in the logo
  4. Addition of right hand scan column – specifically for subscription information
  5. Use more articles on secondary pages, maybe 3 per line? Just to populate more
  6. Make ‘Recent’ and ‘Popular’ categories in secondary page more obvious. Maybe space it out more and/or add a red bold underline in the same colour as the identity


Example of #3 change, implementing red on the lower portion of the header (feature image) throughout the website

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