CAGD202 Logo Rational

Before any progress could be made on a working identity, PCWorld needed a new name. There were several key words that the group had decided on that would act as anchor points and inspiration for the construction of a new identity. These words were evolution, dynamism, modern, simplicity and heritage. Multiple weeks past and a plethora of names had been proposed, but nothing stood out. Whilst many of the names were great, we needed something that implied growth and progress. The relaunch had to be memorable, yet easy to adjust to. There it was – a heading in the first page of our ideas book – ‘Relaunch’ – LAUNCH.

Whilst relatively simplistic in design, the Launch logo had gone through many iterations before it became what it is now. One of the most important concepts during the development stage was to ensure that there were elements within the new identity that paid homage to PCWorld’s previous identity, as it held a rich history. Change can be quite jarring for some, so to prevent segregating the loyal PCWorld audience it was imperative to bring forward something that was familiar.

One of these elements was typography. The previous identity implemented a sans-serif typeface, and being a technology based service this makes complete sense. After several weeks of typographic research, Geomanist was settled upon to act as both the logo and website font family. It has a healthy family and is clearly legible on digital devices. With some editing, Geomanist proved to be an excellent choice for using as the Identity. It was bold, clear and fresh.

The second of these elements was colour. It was determined fairly early on into the development of the new identity that colour played an extremely important role in the core of PCWorld. It was present during its print production days and also throughout its digital time. The red colour was taken and brightened slightly to suit a modern application, and placed within the identity to act as a heritage element.

The third and final element was the power icon. Across PCWorld’s social media platforms, the power icon was present in some form. We wanted to implement this graphic into the new identity in a way that wasn’t too obvious, but gave a feeling of “OH! It’s the power icon!” when you realise that it is in there. It was a fun way to again bring forward part of the previous identity whilst keeping it fresh and exciting. We have done this by cleverly disguising the icon as part of the letter C that strikes through part of the letter H in the new identity. This also proved to be an excellent way to merge all three elements together to create an eye-catching, new, yet familiar feeling identity for the rebrand.

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