Moving Image – MEDA101 Assessment 3

Whilst my previous two assessment tasks consisted of fairly light-hearted content and were related in both tone and feel in a more contemporary setting, I went well out of my comfort zone in this assessment to convey one of the darker parts of my life.

Unfortunately several years ago, spanning the approximate duration of my parents divorce, I suffered from severe ‘Night Terrors’. A night terror consists of your mental state being in a deep, vivid nightmare, yet your body being awake and reacting to said nightmare. The night terrors I experienced didn’t make much sense, rather consisted of flashing images, shapes and an extremely uncomfortable out of body experience. It looks like a possession to those who have never experienced it. Scouring the internet showed there was little footage portraying a night terror, and this is where my assessment began. My Moving Image project is an attempt to capture what it was like to both be having a night terror, and to witness one. I would run around the house, wide eyed and screaming in hysterics, unable to establish control over my body and completely unresponsive to any form of stimuli. The scariest part about my night terrors? I could only be woken with Holy Water.

My Moving Image project heavily features custom non-diegetic sound to convey a feeling of other-worldliness, lack of control and discomfort, and utilizes several camera techniques learned during the span of the semester, including that of a POV style, blending scenes through camera movement and implementation of continues stylistic scene transitions picked up from previous assessment feedback.

This assessment was heavily influenced by several films, including The Blair Witch Project, Rec, The Last Exorcism and Paranormal Activity, to name a few.

Sweet dreams.


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